Attitudes and approaches to evidence, innovation and improvement in social services in Scotland

The Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services (IRISS) has three programmes through which it delivers its work: evidence-informed practice, innovation and improvement, and knowledge media. This is a research paper, which examines attitudes, approaches, use and barriers to innovation and improvement and evidence-informed practice in the sector, which could be used as a baseline for future research to track and monitor attitudinal change. The objectives of the research were to: provide a baseline for two workstreams (innovation and improvement and evidence-informed practice) to understand attitudes and approaches to innovation and improvement and evidence-informed practice; provide a baseline for future research to understand attitudinal trends over the forthcoming three years; provide a detailed understanding of the current status of the social services sector in Scotland in the use of evidence-informed practice, innovative practices and making improvements to services; provide insights into barriers that stop individuals from innovating and improving services; and highlight areas where IRISS programmes could influence or make an impact.