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Achieving our potential: a framework to tackle poverty and income inequality in Scotland

This framework complements the Early Years Framework, and Equally Well, the report of the Ministerial Taskforce on Health Inequalities, all of which taken together form a coherent approach to addressing disadvantage in Scotland. This framework builds on the good work already underway across Scotland and illustrates progress with actions in support of our shared objectives.

On the basis of the available evidence and the response to extensive consultation, the framework sets out further priorities for action and investment to deliver improvement across four main areas: reducing income inequalities, introducing longer-term measures to tackle poverty and the drivers of low income, supporting those experiencing poverty or at risk of falling into poverty, and making the tax credits and benefits system work better for Scotland.

It provides the context for future action while setting out some immediate steps and sets out the ways in which the Scottish Government will support partners and strengthen the infrastructure necessary for successful action, and it sets out the contribution needed from wider Scottish society.

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