public sector

The opportunities and challenges of the changing public services landscape for the third sector in Scotland: a longitudinal study - year two report

Report that outlines findings from year two of a three-year research project examining ‘The opportunities and challenges of the changing public services landscape for the third sector in Scotland: a longitudinal study’.

It builds on and extends the research reported in the year one baseline report.

When the going gets tough: charities' experiences of public sector commissioning

Reforms to public services, the deficit reduction programme and the coalition government’s Big Society agenda are all affecting the amount of funding going to charities and the way that this money is given. This report provides an in-depth insight into how these changes are affecting the sector, and how charities are responding.

The Big Society Audit 2012

The Big Society Audit, which is supported by the Joseph Rowntree charitable Trust and the calouste gulbenkian Foundation UK, is the first ever audit of the changes that successive governments have been seeking to empower communities; promote social action; and open up public services.

The Audit does not seek to pass judgement on the success of the Big Society, however, it does attempt to identify the broad direction of travel and provide a baseline against which to measure future success.

RCTs for policy interventions? : a review of reviews and meta-regression

The aim of this review is to determine whetherrandomised controlled trials (RCTs) lead to the same effect size and variance as non-randomised studies (NRSs) of similar policy interventions; and whether these findings can be explained by other factors associated with the interventions or their evaluation.This systematic review was published by EPPI-Centre in 2011.Systematic reviews aim to find as much as possible of the research relevant to the particular research questions, and use explicit methods to identify what can reliably be said on the basis of these studies.

Disability-related harassment: the role of public bodies - a qualitative research report

Research designed to provide detailed information about disabled people’s experiences and views of disability-related harassment and their perceptions of the role of public bodies.

It was based on focus groups and in-depth interviews with a total of 87 disabled people, recruited on the basis of having experienced disability related harassment in the previous three years.