looked after children

Final report of the social pedagogy pilot programme: development and implementation

Research commissioned by government to develop and implement a pilot programme in order to determine the impact of, and best method for, introducing a social pedagogic approach in residential children’s homes in line with the Care Matters White Paper’s commitment (DCSF 2007).

The report documents the development and implementation part of the pilot programme.

Care and permanence planning for looked after children in Scotland

Research that explores the pathways and decision-making processes through the care and court systems in Scotland for 100 looked after children from the point they were first identified as at risk, to the point of adoption or permanence.

Information was obtained from records held by Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration (SCRA) teams and Sheriff Courts across Scotland. All cases had been dealt with under the Adoption (Scotland) Act 1978.

The care of looked after children in custody: a short thematic review

Commissioned by the Youth Justice Board, this thematic review reports on the care of looked after children aged 15 to 18 in young offender institutions. It examines the experience of these children, using survey data and in-depth interviews.

Case supervisors, advocates and representatives from safeguarding teams provide an establishment perspective on how the needs of looked after children are met in custody and in preparation for their release.

Looked-after children and young people

This guidance aims to improve quality of life (that is, the physical health, and social, educational and emotional wellbeing) of looked-after children and young people. The focus is on ensuring that organisations, professionals and carers work together to deliver high quality care, stable placements and nurturing relationships for looked-after children and young people.

Bursting at the seams: impact on fostering services of the rise of children going into care 2009-10

Since the tragic case of Baby Peter’s death came to public attention in late 2008 the care system has seen an unprecedented rise in the number of children, particularly those needing foster placements. This rise is the result of a number of possible factors, including the debate on thresholds following this case and a recent legal clarification of the law known as the Southwark Judgement.

Safeguarding and looked after children: national results for children's work practitioners survey 2010

Ofsted’s first annual survey of social work practitioners across local authorities in England. The social work practitioner survey was conducted at the same time as a survey for third sector organisations. This report only shows the results from the social work practitioner survey at a national level; a separate report is available showing national results from the third sector. The survey is based on 4,141 responses.