anti-social behaviour

Evaluation of the Challenge and Support Programme

Report that sets out findings from a process and impact evaluation of the Challenge and Support (C&S) programme, designed to provide support to young people identified as having committed anti-social behaviour (ASB).

The evaluation included interviews with local coordinators, analysis of management information, a questionnaire survey and case studies.

Results indicated that in many areas, introduction and implementation of the C&S programme has promoted inter-agency working, individualised needs assessment, and effective population segmentation.

Prevention and reduction: a review of strategies for intervening early to prevent or reduce youth crime and anti-social behaviour

Review aimed at providing a comprehensive understanding of the key characteristics of ‘what works’ in terms of early interventions to prevent or reduce youth crime or anti-social behaviour.

By drawing on evidence from the international literature, primarily the US where the evidence base is especially strong, it provides a critical evaluation of youth crime interventions in England, where the scientific evidence is less robust.

Young people behaving badly (Radio 4 series: Woman's Hour)

This episode of Radio 4's Woman's Hour series looks at how we should deal with young people behaving badly. In July 2004, the Government announced its new five year plan to tackle crime. Since then there's been much talk of sweeping the streets clean of yobs and cracking down on young offenders. But what is the most effective way of dealing with bad behaviour by young people?