youth unemployment

Youth unemployment: the crisis we cannot afford

Youth unemployment is now one of the greatest challenges facing the country. Nearly 1½ million young people are currently not in education, employment or training – over 1 in 5 of all young people. A quarter of a million have been unemployed for over a year. The costs of these levels of long-term youth unemployment – now and in the future – are enormous. The Commission on Youth Unemployment was set up in September 2011 by ACEVO (the Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations) in response to widespread concern amongst voluntary sector leaders about youth unemployment.

Youth labour's lost

Report that presents research into the issue of youth unemployment in the UK. Rather than potential macroeconomic and global causes, it is concerned with the way the education system and labour market have been shaped by policy so as to produce what we describe as a 'young person’s penalty'.