early childhood

An equal start: improving outcomes in children's centres

Report that identifies the most important outcomes children’s centres should be striving for in order to give all children positive early years experiences.

It draws together the best academic evidence, the views of practitioners and parents, and the work that government continues to take forward around the early years. It recognises the value of many of the existing national and local frameworks.

The project adds to the debate by drawing those together and emphasises the need to focus on supporting good parenting and the environment in which parents live and work.

Right from the start: a scoping study of the implementation of the GIRFEC practice model within maternity care in three contrasting sites across Scotland

Getting it Right For Every Child (GIRFEC) is an important component of Scottish Government’s goal to achieve more timeous, proportionate and appropriate services that achieve better outcomes.

Its specific remit is to ensure that universal services are based in a commonly understood, well rounded concept of wellbeing and that all relevant agencies work together to deliver effective support and early intervention where necessary in order to improve outcomes for all Scotland’s children.

Roots of empathy

Roots of Empathy (ROE) is an evidence-based classroom program which has proven effective in reducing levels of aggression among school children while raising social/emotional competence. Early evaluations of the program's effectiveness are based on the selection of two groups of children: from classrooms participating in ROE and comparison classrooms not participating. The main goals of evaluation have been to assess any changes in social behaviour of ROE children.

Positive behaviour in the early years: perceptions of staff, service providers and parents in managing and promoting positive behaviour in early years and early primary settings

Research project that explored perceptions of staff, service providers and parents in managing and promoting positive behaviour in early years and early primary settings in two local authorities.

Reducing antenatal health inequalities: outcome focused evidence into action guidance

Guidance that details the specific actions needed to strengthen antenatal healthcare at NHS Board and national level. It requires action across each NHS Board’s corporate functions, including specialist public health, planning and performance management.

It is intended to support improvements in antenatal care for women, including care provided by Primary Care Services, Substance Misuse, Mental Health and Sexual and Reproductive Health Services.

Positive start, positive outcomes

Document that continues the theme of partnership working as fundamental in the delivery of theEarly Years Framework.

It sets out issues which need to be taken forward together to turn the Framework’s ambitions into a reality; and highlights a range of case studies, showing how the principles of the Framework are being delivered across services and communities in Scotland.

Evaluation of the Family Nurse Partnership in NHS Lothian, Scotland: late pregnancy and postpartum

The Family Nurse Partnership (FNP) is a preventative prgramme for first time teenage mothers and their babies. FNP is being tested in Scotland for the first time.

Second interim evaluation report which focuses on the late pregnancy and postpartum phases of the programme's implmentation.