The Learning Exchange

The Learning Exchange is an on-line digital library developed by Iriss.

What is the Learning Exchange for?

To improve ways in which knowledge, understanding and evidence is used by social care practitioners and managers to deliver better outcomes for users of services and their carers.

What does the Learning Exchange seek to achieve?

To contribute to the development of a world-class, knowledge-based social services sector in Scotland through learning, creativity, and partnership.

How does the Learning Exchange seek to achieve this?

To ensure quality, we work with and rely upon expert and specialist groups to make the value judgements necessary to decide which resources are suitable for inclusion in the Learning Exchange.

Selection criteria

The criteria for selecting material is set out in our Collection Development Policy Most of the content may be used for non-commercial, educational purposes but you should check any terms and conditions that may be attached to any item you wish to use.

Notice and takedown

Every effort has been made to ensure that nothing in the Learning Exchange infringes UK law. Should you discover any content in the Learning Exchange that you believe infringes any law or rights you may possess, please send details to Iriss will act expediently as is reasonably possible to resolve any such claim.