evidence-informed practice

One of a series of reports providing the social services workforce with brief, accessible and practice-oriented summaries of published evidence on key topics.

Developed through a process of rapid appraisal, Insights seek to highlight the practice implications of research evidence and answer the 'So what does this mean in practice?' question for each topic reviewed.

Paper which describes the rationale and philosophy behind the development of a blended learning course for allied health professionals working in the field of substance use prevention and the results of an evaluation of the pilot course.

The course teaches a range of information literacy skills in order to increase the participants’ knowledge of evidence-based practice and enable them to pursue an evidence-based approach in their professional work.

Two reports commissioned from the Glasgow School of Social Work on evidence-informed performance improvement.

The first report, written by Robin Sen and Pam Green Lister, reviews the literature relevant to the National Performance Indicator on increasing the overall proportion of local authority areas receiving positive child inspection reports.

The second, written by Gillian MacIntyre and Ailsa Stewart, relates to the Performance Indicator on increasing the proportion of older people aged 65 and over, with high levels of care needs who are cared for at home.

The Social Research Unit (SRU) aims to help communities and children’s services agencies to use research.

Review conducted by the University of York, in partnership with The Fostering Network, and funded by The Nuffield Foundation. It draws together the research evidence that exists both on allegations of abuse and confirmed maltreatment and considers the implications of this rather limited body of evidence.

Literature review that considers the current evidence in relation to social work’s contribution to recovery focused approaches. It reviews what is known about social work roles and training, as well as the evidence of the effectiveness of social work interventions with people with problem drug and/or alcohol use.

A series of seven practice briefings that have been written to help practitioners and managers put 'Getting it right for every child' into practice in their agencies.

This site aims to help social service professionals throughout the world conveniently maintain an awareness of news regarding the profession and emerging scholarship.