Ken Robinson discusses creativity in the context of education.  He argues that the current education system of many Western countries is stifling creativity and failing many young people. 

In this four-part series New York-based film maker Kirby Ferguson explores creativity and innovation, arguing that all creativity stems from the following process: copy, transform, combine.  He uses examples from music, film and technology to illustrate his points.

Video resources of Social Work Education Participation (SWEP), which promotes best practice for social work education.

Childline video animation on the dangers of losing control in relationships.

Video animation about what it is to care for someone and not abuse or exploit them. 

For more story-based resources, see the Storybank.

Video story animation about a young woman who is trafficked from Africa. 

Video resource of a song and images to depict an individual's opinion on being faced with going into care, when they desire to choose their own care and support.

This short video offers a guide to who's who and who does what in the social services in Scotland. It highlights the key players - such as IRISS, NHS Education for Scotland, the Scottish Social Services Council, Care Commission - and the services they provide.

Video resource which describes (in an easy to understand way) how search engines work and how to find specific information quickly and efficiently.

Lecture delivered by Jeane Freeman OBE, who is a Consultant in Public Affairs, and founder and first Director of Apex. It celebrates Apex’s 25th anniversary of criminal justice developments.