Care experienced young people

Video in which one young person in care tells of the challenges he faced in care, the positive experiences that changed his life and his desire to improve the system for others.

Gypsy Travellers

Video featuring the story of a service user turned care worker who draws on his own experiences in his work with a Gypsy Traveller support group.

Camouflage: most people's mothers are mad, mine's got schizophrenia

Camouflage explores the experience of children growing up with schizophrenic parents. Based on extensive personal testimony, it compares a personal experience with that of others, using interviews, drawings and animation, live action and digital composition.

Children of prisoners : custody

Video highlighting the sorts of problems children experience when a parent is in custody and what helps them. It points to the uneven nature of service provision and how some voluntary agencies and Children's Trusts are providing help. Parents who have been in prison and parents left at home discuss their experiences.

Courtroom skills

'Courtroom skills' is suitable for a module or learning opportunity on working in courts. The object aims to: identify messages for effective courtroom practice; develop your understanding of the different roles in courtroom settings; help you manage your authority and role more effectively; develop your skills in negotiating out of court and in giving evidence; develop your knowledge, skills and confidence about cross examination.

What is personalisation?

Video explaining the concept of personalisation in adult social care services.

New approach to case reviews

Video introducing a methodology for conducting case reviews and serious case reviews known as the systems approach.

Employee Authentication Services (EAS)

YouTube video on EAS which is a system designed to allow employees in local government, schools and other organisations to access and share sensitive information in order to improve services for children, learners and citizens.

Personalisation for older people : supported housing

Video demonstrating how personalisation can work for older people living in purpose-built supported accommodation.

Social work changes lives

Video interview recorded with professionals and service users at the launch of the ADSW campaign, 1 April 2009.