Clydesdale Befriending Group

The aim of the Clydesdale Befriending Group was to encourage social inclusion of adults with learning disabilities through matching befriendees with volunteer befrienders who provide social support.

Its website ceased to exist in 2010. A video describing its work is available.

Children of prisoners : arrest

Video demonstrating the impact on children and their family when a parent is arrested and the ways in which social care services can help them.

Young offender

In this short film an 18-year-old white inmate becomes increasingly disturbed in the oppressive atmosphere of a multi-racial young offenders institution.

Outcomes do work - Film 3 (Outcomes films: series two 2009)

Video resource that examines the achievement of outcomes in social care and how they work.

Outcomes: the challenges - Film 6 (Outcomes films: series two 2009)

Video resource that examines some of the challenges that the social care profession faces in terms of outcomes.

Parent Know How

YouTube video introducing Parent Know How, a programme developed by the Families Unit at DCSF to ensure parents can access the information, advice and guidance they need to assist them with their parenting.

The YoungMinds children and young people's manifesto

Manifesto making eleven recommendations for change in the way children and young people with mental health problems are treated by health and social services.

Safeguarding adults : an independent life after long-term abuse within the family

Video telling the personal story of a person who suffered abuse in the family home for many years. Since speaking out he has been helped to live a full and independent life.