social work education

SCIE report 54. Workforce Development report 54. Since 2002 higher education institutions (HEIs) have been required to develop service user and carer involvement (SUCI) throughout the design and delivery of degree programmes. This small-scale study aims to provide a benchmark of how practice is progressing across the 83 HEIs in England which offer the social work degree, and to support the development of guidance for social work educators. Report published by Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE ) in February 2012.

This knowledge review is about identifying key findings about teaching, learning and assessing communication skills with children in social work education settings. Its main focus is to enable social work educators to apply these findings in the design and implementation of social work programmes. Knowledge review published by the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) in November 2006.

This knowledge review is for people who teach social work (that is, academics, practice teachers and service users) and for researchers. It may also be of interest to students and social care workers. Report published by the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) in June 2006.

This report draws on the views of service users and carers from the Social Work Education Participation (SWEP) website steering group and members of the General Social Care Council (GSCC) Visitors group who inspect social work programmes with GSCC inspectors. Report published by the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) in July 2011. Review date is July 2014.

This paper outlines a project commissioned by the Department of Health which focused on participation in the undergraduate and postgraduate social work degree. Focusing on how service user and care organisations can develop their involvement in the undergraduate and post graduate social work degree and drawing on successes of the first two years, the paper then goes on to identify existing barriers to successful partnership and possible ways forward. This project was a joint venture between Shaping Our Lives, Department of Health and SCIE.

The aim of Using SCIE resources is to help organisations or individuals implement SCIE’s work. It will help organisations develop and strengthen their workforce enabling them to provide high-quality services for the people they support. Using SCIE resources includes a presentation slide set template and notes on its use, and an example of SCIE’s new At a glance summaries. This guide is one of a series published by the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE).

This guide focuses on learning, teaching and assessing law in social work education. It is not the purpose of the guide to prescribe law curriculum content. Rather, its purpose is to set out the key choices that those engaged in learning, teaching and assessing law must consider. This is followed by examples of how that learning, teaching and assessment might be enriched, for example through the involvement of experts by experience, or the use of case studies.