Addiction Helper

Addiction Helper has been set up to address the need for treatment and offer impartial help for those affected by addiction.

As well as offering addiction treatment services, it also provides free advice and support for the families of addicts, and information about addictions and mental health issues to promote better understanding.

Sharing practice to improve outcomes for care leavers. Evaluation report on an inter-authority learning exchange

Evaluation report for the inter-authority learning exchange between Shetland Islands, Falkirk and Glasgow Councils throughcare and aftercare teams.
In February 2014 a member of the Throughcare and Aftercare team from Shetland, spent two weeks in each host authority as a means of developing and sharing practice, experience and learning.
The report describes the planning process, in-situ experience, and post-exchange learning of participants, it also report highlights the positive learning outcomes and benefits achieved for all participating local authorities.