health care

GIRFEC: Childhood, Citizenship and Children's Services - improving child health: discussion of evidence on promoting protective factors and reducing modifiable risk factors

This podcast is taken from the 'GIRFEC: Childhood, Citizenship and Children's Service' conference held in Glasgow on the 24-26 September. Professor Linda de Caestecker, Director of Public Health, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde talks about improve health care for children and young people.

Patient power

Report assessing the state of the health care system in Scotland, pinpointing both its strengths and weaknesses. It also compares the Scottish system with the health care systems of other European countries to find out if any lessons could be learned from their systems.

eHealth strategy 2008-2011

Document setting out Scotland's eHealth strategy which involves utilising the power of information technology and electronic information to help ensure that patients receive the right care from the right clinicians at the right time in order to achieve the right outcomes.

Unlocking innovation : why citizens hold the key to public service reform (Demos collection 24)

Collection of papers focusing on the theme of renewing and refocusing understanding of innovation. It explores the notion that everyday interactions between people and public services are a potential source of new ideas and that public services should be developed through participation and co-production.