youth employment

The youth employment challenge

Report that updates the Youth Inquiry and presents the latest evidence from the UK Commission’s comprehensive survey of UK employers. It looks in depth at the structural issues, in particular transitions from education into work and how they are changing for young people.

Short-term crisis - long-term problem? Addressing the youth employment challenge

Report that presents data on the context of long-term youth unemployment, why it might have been rising and what the consequences might be; considers the characteristics of the long-term unemployed, using secondary data analysis; presents the results of interviews with 28 young people who are long-term unemployed; reviews current policy and policy needs for the long-term unemployed; and provides recommendations for a six-point plan to bring down long-term youth unemployment.

The Smith Group report: recommendations for the Scottish Government

The Smith Group (the Group) has been active since 2005, advising and guiding Ministers in successive administrations on education policy, enterprise in education and youth employment issues. The composition of the group is its strength, bringing together leading figures in business and education to bring fresh perspective to what is at once a challenge and an opportunity - how Scotland can best prepare its young people to make effective contributions in their adult lives.