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Special educational needs in mainstream schools

This page contains the findings of systematic reviews undertaken by review groups linked to the EPPI-Centre. This topic is included in the EPPI-Centre knowledge library. The Knowledge Pages facility enables users to search for the key messages within specific subject areas to which EPPI-Centre reviews have contributed.

Supporting pupils with emotional and behavioural difficulties (EBD) in mainstream primary schools: a systematic review of recent research on strategy effectiveness (1999 to 2002)

Many different strategies for teachers to support children have been advocated. This review considers which of these strategies are effective, for whom, and in what circumstances. It also aims to identify way to support trainee teachers to use such strategies. It updates an earlier review on this topic and focuses in depth on strategies evaluated in the UK. This systematic review was published by EPPI-Centre in 2003.

Support for pupils with emotional and behavioural difficulties (EBD) in mainstream primary school classrooms: a systematic review of the effectiveness of interventions

Supporting children who are deemed to have 'emotional or behavioural difficulties' (EBD) or 'social, emotional and behavioural difficulties' (SEBD) within mainstream classrooms raises interesting issues for the intersection of behaviour management policies, inclusive schooling and the drive for raising academic standards. This review assesses the effectiveness of different strategies for supporting children with EBD in mainstream primary classrooms in ways that facilitate teaching and learning for all children. This systematic review was published by EPPI-Centre in 2003.

Impact of paid adult support on the participation and learning of pupils in mainstream schools

To date, no systematic review of international literature has been conducted that has focused on the key question of whether and how support staff in classrooms have an impact on pupils' learning and participation in schools and classrooms. Put simply, is there evidence that pupils learn and participate more effectively in mainstream schools when support staff are present in classrooms? This systematic review was published by EPPI-Centre in 2003.

Systematic review of pedagogical approaches that can effectively include children with special educational needs in mainstream classrooms with a particular focus on peer group interactive approaches

There is a statutory requirement on mainstream schools to provide effective learning opportunities for all pupils by setting suitable learning challenges, responding to pupils' diverse learning needs and overcoming potential barriers to learning and assessment. While research has sought to establish the effectiveness of particular pedagogies or the impact of school actions on pupil participation, there has been no prior systematic review that can answer the question of which pedagogical approaches can effectively include children with SEN aged 7-14 in mainstream classrooms.

Impact of adult support staff on pupils and mainstream schools

This systematic review was published by EPPI-Centre in 2011.Systematic reviews aim to find as much as possible of the research relevant to the particular research questions, and use explicit methods to identify what can reliably be said on the basis of these studies.