evidence-based practice

Getting evidence into action to improve Scotland's public services

Working paper which is one of a series that What Works is publishing to share evidence, learning and ideas about public service reform in Scotland.

Ecosynergy Group Ltd

Ecosynergy Group, a research for development centre, has partnered with the Fast Track Inclusion Trust to produce a number of peer-learning resources based on applied research projects conducted in New Zealand.

Topics range from building resilience, developing new micro-enterprise initiatives to raising children with disabilities.

Child death reviews: improving the use of evidence

Report of a survey of Child Death Overview Panels (CDOPs) across England around handling of information about child deaths, actions and recommendations resulting from reviews and how to make better use of information collected by CDOPs.

Ten steps to transform the use of evidence

A series of ten blogs exploring evidence-use in social policy contexts.  The second of these explicitly considers the relationship between evidence and innovation.

The argument for evidence-based practice in social work

This is a blog post written by Professor Donald Forrester on the need for evidence-based approaches in social work.  He argues that this will enable social workers to articulate and defend their practice and the contribution it makes.

Science, policy, and practice: three cultures in search of a shared mission

Shonkoff argues that Science, Policy and Practice are distinct cultures with their own approaches to research and evidence.  However, since they have a common goal (in this case, improving interventions for children) we need to find creative ways of blending these cultures.  He introduces the reader to the main differences between these cultures, and some of the challenges facing evidence-based approaches in this context.

Evidence-based practice in the social services: implications for organisational change

This article provides a useful histoy, and discussion of the key debates surrounding, evidence-based approaches in a social service context.

Report 23: a review of knowledge management and evidence-based practice activities and networks in adult social care in the North West of England

The purpose of this report is to review existing knowledge management and evidence-based practice activities and networks in the North West region and to develop a regional strategy for taking this forward. Time and resources are often wasted because people develop methods over and over again, rather than sharing what they know through reliable local, regional, national and international networks.