The state of social work 2012: what social workers think about the state of their profession in 2012

Survey undertaken by BASW between 14-30 March 2012, in partnership with its trade union arm, the SocialWorkers Union. Promoted via the Association’s e-bulletins to members, the survey elicited exactly 1,100 responses before it closed.

The findings indicate grave challenges facing the social work profession in all four UK countries. There are variations between countries, but they are matters of degree rather than anything more substantial. Social workers throughout the UK are dealing with similar difficulties.

Always on call, always concerned : a survey of the experiences of older carers

Survey published by The Princess Royal Trust for Carers in 2011. Of the UK‟s approximately six million carers, around half are aged over 50. A recent survey of carers in England showed that people near or over retirement age undertake a high proportion of caring.