Visiting a sexual assault referral centre

Sexual assault referral centres provide a range of immediate and long-term support options to victims of rape and sexual assault. This video resource documents an individual's visit to a centre in Swindon.

Rape Crisis Scotland website

The Rape Crisis Scotland national office was set up to support the work of our centres and to help the rape crisis movement grow and develop and improve services to women across Scotland.

Justice denied: a summary of our investigation into the care and treatment of Ms A

Ms A is a 67 year old woman with a learning disability who has been in the care of the local authority since she was eight years old. This investigation into Ms A’s care was initiated in September 2006, after the Mental Welfare Commission was contacted by a housing association who were concerned about her vulnerability. They said Ms A had reported being raped. When they contacted the police, they discovered that similar assaults were alleged to have taken place previously.