housing benefit

Monitoring the use of discretionary housing payments in Scotland

Briefing that looks at how effectively local authorities have been in managing their DHP fund since budgets were increase, as well as considering each local authority’s DHP policy. The aim is to support local authorities in making the best use of their DHP budgets to help those affected by welfare cuts.

Direct payments demonstration projects: learning the lessons, six months in

Report that is one of a series of outputs from the independent evaluation of a programme of projects demonstrating the direct payment of housing benefit to social renting tenants across the UK. It highlights the key learning since the programme began early in 2012. 

The future cost of housing benefit for older people

Report that considers how trends in longevity and tenure will affect the future cost of housing benefit for older people in the very long term.

Crisis policy briefing: housing benefit cuts

Housing Benefit is vital in supporting people with their housing costs and in ensuring people’s housing stability. Crisis has long called for reform of housing benefit to better support housing stability and to remove barriers to work but strongly believes that the proposed cuts will not achieve these ends, will adversely affect some of the most disadvantaged in society and are likely to lead to an increase in homelessness. This policy briefing discusses the housing benefit cuts and their implications for policy.

Devolving housing benefit: a discussion paper

CIH Scotland and the SFHA commissioned the authors to write a short discussion paper that considers the scope and implications of devolving UK-reserved Housing Benefit (HB) to Scotland. The first section outlines the policy context and the second section explores the practicalities, risks and challenges of devolving housing benefit under current constitutional arrangements (that is, with social security treated as a reserved function).

Under-occupation and the new policy framework: a report to the Housing Futures Network

Report commissioned by the Housing Futures Network as part of the Facing the Future work being carried out by Cambridge Centre for Housing and Planning Research. The main report looks at wider changes to the sector and the financial challenges that it faces. It looks at under-occupation within social housing and explores in detail the implications of the proposed cuts to housing benefit that will affect under-occupiers of working age.

Monitoring poverty and social exclusion 2011

This report comes at a time when the UK government has outlined its main policy intentions and its strategy to reduce poverty. Although the statistics presented in this report still almost entirely reflect the policies of the previous government, the Labour record is the Coalition inheritance.

This commentary discusses the implications of that record for the current government in the light of its commitments on child poverty and social mobility set out in strategy documents published in 2011.

Reimbursements and payments for service user involvement (At a glance 50)

Briefing that looks at benefit changes that can make it easier for service users and carers to get involved in paid participation for social care consultations and events.

Evaluation of enhanced housing options programme: final report

Evaluation of the Enhanced Housing Options Trailblazers programmes run by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) with support from the Department of Work and Pensions,

The programmes aim to develop innovative approaches to delivering housing options/advice services. They offer housing advice to people with low and medium housing need as well as those with acute need, and link housing and wider advice about a range of issues such as training and employment, financial management, and access to benefits.