For Some Doctors, Empathy is in Short Supply - article from The Washington Post, September 2008

Doctors are missing their cues when it comes to opportunities to empathise with the plight of their cancer patients, a new study suggests.

Overview of communication skills in social work

This e-learning resource introduces the breadth and complexity of communication skills in social work. This resource will allow the understanding of the principles of effective communication as a two or more way process and at the same time how context shapes communication and can facilitate or impede effective communication.

Forming and maintaining relationships with service users, carers, professionals and others

This resource looks at the benefits that are gained from the relationships that are built within social work. Using the voices of service users, carers and workers will be possible to understand how the relationships that were created helped them to deal with the difficulties they faced. This resource will allow the understanding of the importance of relationships in social work and the personal attributes needed to form and maintain positive working relationships.