WHO Guide to Mental and Neurological Health in Primary Care

This resource stresses that good mental healthcare is a collaborative effort and that people in primary care need to work more closely with those in mental health services. The Primary Care Team, the Community Mental Health Team as well as families and friends, self-help and community groups who provide crucial support to people with a whole range of mental disorders need to talk to one another, respect each other's contribution and jointly agree who will provide which service to whom.

Mental health provision has been dogged, perhaps more than any other area of healthcare, by differences in how we think about mental health and the words we use. This makes it hard for different professional groups and non-professionals to talk to each other. This web site aims to improve this problem and is a resource that can be used in a number of ways. It can be used by an individual practitioner in the care of his or her patients; it can also be used by a primary care team or a primary care organization (or local health group) to review, jointly with mental health teams, the service they provide, identifying gaps and training needs or developing locally appropriate, shared criteria for referral to specialist services. It is hoped that this web site improves communication and collaboration between all who have a stake in the provision of good primary mental healthcare.

WHO Collaborating Centre for Research and Training for Mental Health
World Health Organisation
Royal Society of Medicine Press Ltd
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