"We help employers deliver quality social work learning" - How new projects and initiatives in social work practice learning successfully mature. Sustaining practice learning 3

This is one of a series of four ‘Sustaining Practice Learning’ reports commissioned by the Learning Resource Network on behalf of Skills for Care and the Children’s Workforce Development Council (CWDC). The research was conducted with sixteen projects in which social work practice learning was innovative yet sustained over a period of at least two years. Most of the sites were 'non-traditional' in that there were no social work qualified staff working in the site.

The research aimed to identify factors that had led to successful provision of social work practice learning over time. Research was conducted by questionnaires and telephone interviews. Findings are presented under the themes of: the added value student social workers provided to sites; how students learn in these sites; the impact of the infrastructure; trading patterns; difficulties encountered; how the sites changed over time.

Quotations from the questionnaires and interviews are included in the findings. The report concludes with recommendations for practice learning projects in 'non-traditional' environments. Appendices included a list of respondents, details of the questionnaire and telephone protocol, and an evaluation tool for practice learning sites.

Skills for Care
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