Understanding the housing needs and homeless experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in Scotland: a guide for social housing providers and homelessness services

This guidance has been produced by the Scottish Housing Regulator in partnership with Stonewall Scotland and the LGBT Centre for Health and Wellbeing. The guidance highlights the key drivers for addressing homophobic and transphobic harassment and gives a brief outline of previous work funded by Communities Scotland that highlights LGBT housing needs and providing guidance for social housing providers.

The bulk of the guidance provides a basic introduction to LGBT housing and homelessness issues. The content is drawn from a number of research studies. It should be noted that most currently available research focuses on the needs and experiences of younger and older lesbian and gay people. There remains a paucity of evidence on transgender experiences in housing and very little specific to the needs of bisexual people.

Section 3 focuses on the nature of homophobic and transphobic harassment. It identifies the kinds of behaviours that constitute harassment, who is targeted by such behaviours and, crucially, the impact of harassment and consequent issues of reporting and disclosure.

The report concludes by suggesting what LGBT tenants and potential applicants should expect from social housing providers.

Tony Stevenson
Lyn Jardine
Stonewall Scotland