Sector skills agreement stage 1: Scotland

This report has been undertaken by the Scottish Social Services Council as part of the Sector Skills Agreement process being carried out by Skills for Care and Development. It sets out a summary of the current and future skills needs of the social services workforce in Scotland. The assessment of current training provision to the sector is set out in the Stage 2 report.

The findings set out in the Scotland report are underpinned by a range of work including in-house analysis of UK national datasets and analysis of data produced by the Scottish Executive and Futureskills Scotland. Work was also commissioned with external consultants (GEN Consulting) to complete a survey of service providers in Scotland, a separate survey of service users and carers and a report of trends within Scotland, which may impact on the sector in the future. This chapter draws on all these sources of information as well as the findings from a series of consultation events in Scotland in February and March 2007.

Scottish Social Services Council
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