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Scottish Dementia Working Group

The Scottish Dementia Working Group (SDWG) is an independent group that was set up by people with dementia. We are a friendly group run by, and for, people with dementia or a related condition. We meet to support each other and find ways to improve services and attitudes.
(Photo 1) The Working Group campaigns to improve services for people with dementia and to improve attitudes towards people with dementia.
We do lots of things to improve services. We participate in forums, committees and conferences to change policy. We campaign to make dementia a high priority.
(Photo 2) One thing we have done is produce a book of jokes about dementia because it is so important to be able to use humour to face our condition. Details will appear on our website

The User and Carer Forum thinks that the Scottish Dementia Working Group is a good example of these citizen leadership principles:

1. Potential
People with dementia should have their leadership qualities recognised and not written off just because of their condition
3. Early involvement
This group tries to set the agenda, not just respond to other people's agenda
8. Wider benefit
This group's work has benefited people with dementia and their families across Scotland

Scottish Dementia Working Group