Research into housing support funding levels and service volume in Scotland 2009/10

The removal of the Supporting People ring fence in 2008 eliminated any requirement on local authorities to spend a specified amount on housing support and account for housing support expenditure on a separate basis.

Housing support providers and stakeholders raised concerns that that this would have a negative effect on the long term provision of housing support in Scotland. In answer to these concerns, the HSEU decided to undertake research to monitor the effects of this change on housing support
provision over time.

The 2009/10 survey was issued to 1,129 managers of housing support services registered with the Care Commission in summer 2010. Survey participants were asked to complete the survey online or submit a return by post. The on-line survey was administered via Survey Monkey. The profile of support services registered with the Care Commission in 2010 was almost identical to that of previous years.

Duncan Gray
Fiona Stringfellow
David Ogilvie
Housing Support Enabling Unit
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