Redesigning mental health day services : a modernisation toolkit for London

The London Development Centre, with the support of the Mental Health Foundation, set up the Day Services Modernisation Task Group, drawing on expertise from London’s statutory and voluntary providers, and service users. This modernisation toolkit is the main output of the group. London’s day services, like those found in the rest of the country, represent a broad mix of voluntary, statutory, independent and community based service providers.

Redesigning and improving services means working in partnership – so that service providers, users and carers find a way forward together. This toolkit aims to show a way for local services to implement practical and meaningful change in order to provide support and help with functioning, to facilitate access to employment and other meaningful daytime activity, with social functioning and social inclusion the key aim.

Louise Lingwood
Mental Health Foundation
The London Development Centre
Care Services Improvement Partnership (CSIP)
Department of Health