Perth and Kinross Child Protection Committee Annual Report : 2005-2006 and Business Plan : 2006-2007

This is the second annual report of the Perth and Kinross Child Protection Committee (CPC) and it sets out the wide range of work which has been undertaken by partner agencies in the past year to evaluate, strengthen and develop services to protect children and young people in Perth and Kinross. Significant achievements include wide ranging campaigns and initiatives to raise awareness about child protection and what to do if you have concerns about the safety of a child.

A range of training has continued to develop and be provided to staff. Inter-Agency Child Protection Guidelines have been finalised and widely disseminated and the Child Protection Committee has undertaken an important self evaluation of child protection practice in order to inform and improve our work of delivering better outcomes for children and their families. The Child Protection Committee Business Plan for 2006-2007 details planned developments in the coming year.