The impact of safeguarding children peer reviews

The aim of this study is to provide evidence of the impact of safeguarding peer reviews for local authorities who are in intervention.

In particular, the study:

• Gathers reflections on the safeguarding children peer review process and its impact from councils receiving a review
• Explores what has changed locally as a result of undergoing a safeguarding children peer review, thinking about the peer review as part of an overall journey and exploring how the peer review took the authority in a particular direction in order to achieve the overall desired outcomes around improvement
• Highlights the peer review approach required for local authorities in intervention, demonstrating how this might differ compared with LAs who are not in intervention.

The study provides evidence of the value of the peer review programme, highlighting how peer reviews have supported local authorities in implementing their plans for improvement. In addition, it will support the LGA in its work around revising the methodology used to
provide peer reviews, as part of a review of the model in late 2011 and early 2012.

Claire Easton
Kerry Martin
Fiona Walker
National Foundation for Educational Research