Sure Start delivery in 2011/2: an inquiry, interim report

The All Party Parliamentary Group for Sure Start was founded in June 2010 in order to enable Parliamentarians to focus on and further the understanding and development of Sure Start centres. During 2011 the group undertook a series of inquiry sessions designed to hear the views and experiences of a range of key stakeholders at the heart of Sure Start delivery. The sessions were designed to inform Parliamentarians‘ understanding of the factors influencing local decisions, the way that services are being reconfigured and explore ways that services can be developed and improved. This report brings together the lessons learned so far in the process, and the critical factors in delivery that became clear during the inquiry sessions, and marks a midway point in this phase of activity – with two more sessions, and a final report due to be published in Summer 2012.

All Party Parliamentary Group for Sure Start
All Party Parliamentary Group for Sure Start