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Moray Carers Digital Story Project

The Moray Carers Project received funding to record on film the stories of some of the carers they supported. The purpose of this project is to raise the awareness of the issues that face carers. It also gives carers in Moray a chance to get to know each other and combat the isolation that can come from being a carer in a rural community. Why is this an example of Citizen Leadership? Firstly, in this project the carers are encouraged to creatively direct their own films, so they are really telling their own story. In the video you can watch here, the couple had full editorial control over the messages in the film. Telling in a strong clear voice what it is like to spend much of your life caring for a loved one - this is a leadership role that can help and support other carers. Hugh and Margaret are one of many couples living with Alzheimer's. This is a film about their life together, coping with Alzheimer's and diabetes and the changes these conditions have made. But most of all this is a portrait of two people who have a beautiful outlook on life. The Moray Carers Group closed in 2012 because of lack of funding

This is a good example of these Citizen Leadership principles:

2. Development
This project gives carers confidence to tell their own stories in their own words
8. Wider Benefit
The films made by the Moray Carers Digital Story Project help other carers to understand that they are not alone. They make a connection between carers, and so they benefit a wider population of people.

Hugh and Margaret 2011-02-02

Moray Carers Project
Moray Carers Project