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The Law-Practice Relationship

This learning object is suitable for use in conjunction case studies once students have appreciated the basic framework of the legal rules. These materials raise awareness of: the complexity of the relationship between law and social work in practice; the breadth of legal knowledge necessary for effective practice; the fact that law cannot be seen in isolation from values, and must be subject to critical analysis; how different options for practice balance legal rules, moral rules and individual and collective rights.

This learning object presents a triangular model with which users can interact to illustrate three different ways of construing the relationship between knowledge, skills and values in social work law. Additionally, three different approaches to practising social work law (rational/technical, moral/ethical, and rights-based/structural) are presented and explored.

A case study is also presented to exemplify different approaches to practice. Please note that there is a text only version of this learning object, which facilitates use of the resource on slow connections or with assistive software.

Social Care Institute for Excellence
Michael Preston-Shoot
Suzy Braye