Introduction to social welfare and social work

Professor Steven Hick at Carleton University in Canada has designed this website for those registered on the 52100W Internet section of his first year social work course. It is a complete distance learning course incorporating multimedia elements. The emphasis is on Canadian social policy rather than social work practice.

It gives an introduction to Canadian income security, social work and social services, looking at where they came from, why they developed, what they do, how they are organized, and what the social workers that work in, and with them, do. In the course, social welfare is examined as existing within broader social and economic structures. The course incorporates lectures, discussion, readings, interactive exercises, speakers and videos. It contains over 300 photos, 38 video clips, and 72,000 words of text and a 470 word glossary.

Steven Hick
Carleton University. School of Social Work
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