The impact of cyber-bullying on young people's mental health

Report that tells the story of how a research project, commissioned and led by a group of young people called PEAR, was carried out. PEAR (Public health, Education, Awareness, Research) was an NCB Research Centre project which supported young people’s involvement in public health research with funding support from the Wellcome Trust and the Public Health Research Consortium (PHRC)2. The PEAR group were 20 young people, aged 13–18, from London and Leeds, who met approximately four times a year during school holidays during 2008-2010. The project sought to: · Help young people to learn about, inform and influence public health research and policy · Develop links between young people and public health researchers and policy makers · Produce and distribute information about public health issues and research to young people · Demonstrate the impact of young people’s involvement in public health research, and how this can be applied to policy and practice.

Niamh O'Brien
Dr Tina Moules
NCB Research Centre