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The Good Life: Positive Attitudes Group

The Good Life: Positive Attitudes Group is a group of adults with learning disabilities whose work improves the lives of people like them.

They challenge attitudes and influence the planning of relevant policies through their membership of boards and committees that make decisions affecting their lives. They provide training to organisations that deliver public services. The training is unique and innovative both in its use of Forum Theatre and because it is conceived, designed and delivered by the Group members and is based on their own experiences - the people who use the services training the people who deliver the services.

The work of the Good Life Group has a positive, lasting impact on the lives of people with a learning disability by addressing the inequalities they face and taking direct action to challenge and redress them.

This is a good example of these Citizen Leadership principles:

1. Potential
Every member of the group has a role, for example the Forum training technique is modified to enable less confident Group members to deliver the training. Everyone has a say in what the group does and how it does it. Each member has a story and if they want to share their story it can be used as the basis for scenes in the training.
3. Early Involvement
The Group influence the development and delivery of services through their training programmes. These programmes have been delivered across Scotland to staff at all levels in Health and Social Work from consultants to cleaners
6. Equality
The Group fight inequality by improving the standards of services, and by changing the attitudes of the people they interact with in their daily lives, through their representation work and the training they deliver

Good Life Group