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Ensuring all disabled children and young people and their families receive services which are sufficiently differentiated to meet their diverse needs

This review sets out to investigate the evidence base for the provision of differentiated services to meet the diverse needs of disabled children and young people and their families. It focuses on children from BME (black and minority ethnic) communities, children with complex needs, children living away from home, and children from refugee and asylum-seeking families as instances of those who face the most challenges to adequate service delivery. The following questions form the basis of the review; what do we know about the profile of disabled children in England?; what does the literature say about the additional needs of the groups of children mentioned above?; how are these needs identified and differentiated outcomes evidenced?; what does the literature say about efforts to improve outcomes for these group and any subsequent results? Gaps in the evidence base are assessed and details of how the research was carried out, and which sources were included, can be found in the appendices.

Tony Newman
Centre for Excellence and Outcomes in Children and Young People's Services