Commissioner for Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2003

This Act was developed in response to investigations carried out by a Scottish Parliament committee which concluded that a new and independent office of 'Commissioner for Children and Young People' (the Commissioner) should be established. There are a number of principles which underpin the Act. These are that the Commissioner is independent; the best interests of children and young people should be a primary consideration in all matters affecting them; and the views of children and young people should be taken into account in accordance with age and maturity.

Also, in exercising the general function of promoting and safeguarding the rights of children and young people under the Act, the Commissioner is to promote an awareness of those rights amongst children, young people and adults; keep under review current law, policy and practice relating to those rights; promote best practice by service providers in relation to children and young people; promote, commission, and publish research; undertake investigations; and report to the Parliament.