Combating online child sexual abuse content at national and international levels: IWF experience, tactical suggestions and wider considerations

The UK Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) is often asked to contribute to national, European and international discussions and initiatives designed to improve responses to tackling child sexual abuse content on the internet. Wherever beneficial it shares our model and expertise with organisations, companies, governments and agencies around the world to enable others to understand how the UK partnership approach and industry self-regulation is successful in the UK, as well as how the range of services provided have helped to minimise online child sexual abuse content in the UK and beyond.

This paper sets out some of the IWF's views based on its experience of tackling the problem of online child sexual abuse content since 1996. It highlights issues that might assist policy makers particularly with regard to network level content blocking. It relies on recent trends data to contextualise the problem and puts forward thoughts for effecting change in this area.

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