Care leavers and public services peer research: full report

Consumer Focus wished to undertake a research project to examine experiences of care leavers and to identify the barriers they face accessing a range of public services for the first time.

The specific aim of this project was to truly understand their experiences in accessing public services and the barriers they face in doing so. Care leavers are in a unique position as the state through the local authority has a parental role, also known as corporate parenting, with a duty to provide services to care leavers. As care leavers move into adulthood the local authority retains responsibility for supporting them, including facilitating access to public services.

Collecting this evidence will allow Consumer Focus to advocate on behalf of care leavers and other young people; ultimately, it must be hoped, improving their access, breaking down barriers and decreasing disadvantage.

Rachel Lopata
The National Care Advisory Service (NCAS)