Animated Minds

'Animated Minds' is a series of animated documentaries using real testimony from survivors of mental illness, combined with engaging and sometimes humorous visuals, to climb inside the minds of the mentally distressed. Windows into experiences rarely seen, each piece draws us in to these people's inner worlds, journeying around the landscape of their minds, and leaving us with a greater understanding of what it is to suffer from mental distress. This learning object contains four documentaries, examining panic attacks and agoraphobia; psychosis; obsessive compulsive disorder; and manic depression.
This learning resource is based substantially on material from the series of animated documentaries "Animated Minds" which is reproduced and adapted here with permission from The Documentary Filmmakers Group and APT Films. Copyright © 2004 Documentary Filmmakers Group/APT Films
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Institute for Resarch and Innovation in Social Services
Institute for Resarch and Innovation in Social Services
Andy Glynne