person-centred approach

Transforming social care: sustaining person-centred support

This is a summary of the study. This study is the most user-centred and authoritative commentary to date on current policies and practice. The Standards We Expect project team (service users, practitioners and researchers) worked with service users, carers, front-line practitioners and managers in eight very diverse settings. Research findings published by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation in May 2011.

Personalisation and the social care 'revolution': future options for the reform of public services (Policy paper 3)

The first part of this policy paper provides a very brief overview of the development of adult social care in order to place the advent of personal budgets in their historical and policy context.

The personal response: developments in personalisation for children, young people and families

Conference report written in partnership with In Control, Action for Children and the Office of Public Management, which gives an insight into the current issues and challenges and highlights the ongoing debate.

Improving delivery of public services

Presentation by Sam Newman, Director, OLM Personalisation Programme at the Working Together to Meet the Financial and Reform Agenda Challenges event, held on Tuesday 11 January 2011 in Edinburgh.

The Big Society and innovation in care and support for adults: key messages from SCIE expert seminars

This paper presents the key messages from two SCIE expert seminars: Innovate and Fly: supporting quality and efficiency in tough times (co-hosted with The Innovation Unit) 9 July 2010; and Big ideas, big society: innovation in care and support (co-hosted with the Department of Health) 5 August 2010.

Directing your own support: a user's guide to self-directed support in Scotland

This guide offers advice to people who are thinking about being in charge of their own social care support, or who are already doing so, but have questions about the process.

Self directed support in Scotland: case studies

Series of video case studies on examples of self-directed support in Scotland.

Personalisation: principles, challenges and a new approach; a statement by the Association of Directors of Social Work

This paper sets out ADSW's position regarding the personalisation of social work services in Scotland.

It aims to maintain the momentum for change established by the publication of the Changing Lives Service Development Group papers and follows on from ADSW's seminar in September 2008, organised as part of the association's drive to implement the Changing Lives recommendations at local level.

IRISS Forum 2010: Caroline Tomlinson

Caroline Tomlinson tells the story of her son Joe, the first person in the UK to receive an individual budget which fundamentally improved the quality of his life.