disabled people

This video interview with Jo Cochrane is taken from the 'Forgotten Citizens' Conference held in Glasgow on the 17th June 2008. Jo expresses the importance of this conference and the importance of not forget what happen in the past, in order to move forward.

Ouch is a BBC website that reflects the lives and experiences of disabled people.

This video interview with Mabel Cooper, is taken from the 'Forgotten Citizens' Conference held in Glasgow on the 17th June 2008. Mabel expresses her feeling about the importance of this conference.

Report presenting the findings and conclusions of a research project which set out to identify and demonstrate the use of data sources which would inform the development of inequalities-sensitive children's services planning processes.

Guide offering good practice guidance for services working with disabled children and their families based on the experience and lessons provided by the development of the pathfinder children's trusts set up in 2003.

Report of a study which aimed to examine in depth young people's experiences of partner violence and the best ways to respond to this problem. The study used a broad definition of violence which encompassed emotional, verbal, physical and sexual forms of violence. These were studied both in isolation and as they co-exist within young people's relationships.

Document from Care & Repair England, a charity concerned with improving housing conditions for older people, reviewing its achievements to date and stating its plans and policies for the future.

Social care services should enable disabled people to participate in society on an equal basis to others. This bulletin looks at how social care services can ensure they promote equality for disabled people. This will only be achieved if care providers focus on the barriers that disabled people face.

This video was created by the Department for Children, Schools and Families. It talks about the needs and priorities the every young people has if disabled or not.