mental health

Mental health, resilience and the recession in Bradford

Report on how personal coping strategies and financial support help to moderate the impact of unemployment at a time of economic recession in Bradford.

It explores the impact of involuntary unemployment at a time of economic recession on people’s everyday life and mental well-being. It explores the relation between people’s experiences of unemployment and two sets of resilience factors: coping strategies and practical and emotional support.

The national confidential inquiry into suicide and homicide by people with mental illness

Annual report findings for England, Wales, and Scotland, for suicide and homicide. The report covers deaths by suicide for the period January 1997 to December 2008; people convicted of homicide, presented by year of conviction between January 1997 and December 2007; and sudden unexplained death (SUD) in psychiatric in-patients for the period March 1999 to December 2007 (England and Wales only).

SRN national gathering 2011

Recovery films and video clips from the Scottish Recovery Network. In February 2011 SRN hosted their sixth national conference, the National Gathering. The aim of the conference was to provide an opportunity for Network members to come together to share information and consider next steps for the promotion and support of recovery in Scotland. Delegates represented all groups with an interest in recovery and mental health, including those with lived experience, family and friends, and professionals.