problem solving

Response to the Treasury Committee Inquiry on the Spending Review

Response to the Treasury Committee Inquiry on the Spending Review 'To inform Treasury Committee's inquiry on decision-making and other aspects of the recent Spending Review'.

Providing information and explaining

This resource uses a case study to help you explore the challenges that social workers experience during interviews and what decisions can be made to overcome some of these. It highlights that discovering the other person’s perspective and establishing a shared agenda for the interview are priority tasks, as well as the need to explain bureaucratic procedures and to provide as well as gather information.

Leadership in the public sector in Scotland (ESRC seminar series)

Report providing a critical overview of developments in leadership theory in recent years and of its application through Scottish public sector leadership development training. It also aims to provide a stocktake of public sector leadership development provision with a view to helping inform conversations on the limitations of existing provision, how it might be improved and the challenges to leadership development posed by a difficult economic climate.

Supported Decision Making Book

People getting good support to make decisions, is one of the most important aspects of supporting people to live their life in a way that’s right for them. This guide explores supported decision making in light of the Mental Capacity Act (2005), providing ideas and templates to use when supporting people in any decision making process.

Beginnings, middles, ends : what is the problem? activity

This learning object is one of a set of exercises and activities taken from the book 'Modern Social Work Practice' written by Mark Doel and Steven Shardlow. This activity looks at 'statements of concern' and that people often express their problems and concerns in fuzzy, unclear ways which often need unravelling.

Systems practice : managing complexity

This resource is part of the Open2.Net website, which is the online learning portal from the Open University and the BBC. In order to understand Systems Practice it is first necessary to understand Systems Thinking. Systems Thinking enables you to grasp and manage situations of complexity and uncertainty in which there are no simple answers by looking at connected wholes rather than separate parts.