Downs syndrome

Speech production in people with Down syndrome

Paper examining some of the elements in speech production which may contribute to listeners' perception of reduced intelligibility in the speech of people with Down syndrome.

Siblings : growing up with your brother or sister with Down's Syndrome

This resource produced by Down's Syndrome Scotland, provides information for siblings of children with Down's Syndrome.

Ages and Stages of Down's Syndrome

This resource is produced by Down's Syndrome Scotland and looks at the ages and stages of Down's Syndrome. It also provides information about the health problems associated with Down's syndrome, screening and testing, child development, growing older and dementia. There is also a list of relevant professionals that can help people with Down's syndrome as well as their families and carers.

Down's Syndrome Q&A

This website explains what Down's Syndrome is, how it affects people, and what causes it.

Down's Syndrome Scotland

Down's Syndrome Scotland aims to improve the quality of life for everyone in Scotland with Down's Syndrome.

Your brother or sister with Down's Syndrome : information for teenagers

This resource produced by Down's Syndrome Scotland, provides information for teenagers who are siblings to children with Down's Syndrome.

The developmental approach to the study of Down syndrome : contemporary issues in historical perspective

Paper putting forward the advantages of the developmental approach as a framework for understanding Down syndrome, arguing that it both narrows and broadens the scope of research in the field.

You see Down's Syndrome, we see potential

This resource provides information about Down's Syndrome Scotland and the stages that people with Down's Syndrome go through from the early to adult years.