Downs syndrome

Pragmatic development

Paper reviewing research on the pragmatic, or social, aspects of language development in children and young people with Down syndrome. Next steps for research are also identified.

Memory and neuropsychology in Down syndrome

Paper discussing the strengths and weaknesses in both short-term and long-term memory in Down syndrome and the implications of these for other aspects of cognitive development and underlying neural pathology.

Screening, testing and Down's Syndrome

This resource produced by Down's Syndrome Scotland, provides information on the screening and testing methods used to try and detect Down's Syndrome in an unborn child.

How relationship focused intervention promotes developmental learning

Paper explaining the importance of relationship focused intervention to developmental learning by reference to research carried out on the play activities of children with Down syndrome.

Social and communicative functioning

Paper suggesting research priorities regarding the social and communicative abilities of people with Down syndrome and emphasising the importance of parental involvement in research.

Getting to know a baby with Down's Syndrome

This resource produced by Down's Syndrome Scotland, provides information on babies with Down's Syndrome for grandparents, relatives and friends.

Recommendations for telling parents that their baby has Down's syndrome

This resource provides guidelines and recommendations for medical staff when breaking the news to parents that their baby has Down's Syndrome.

Food for thought : dementia and eating

This resource has been produced by Down's Syndrome Scotland and provides advice on food and eating for people with dementia.

The development of literacy skills in children with Down syndrome : implications for intervention

Paper setting out some of the methodological issues concerning research on literacy development in Down syndrome and reviewing interventions to promote reading in school-age children with Down syndrome. Directions for future research are also discussed.

Families of children with Down syndrome : what we know and what we need to know

Paper providing an overview of current knowledge about families of children with Down syndrome and raising a number of issues needing further research.