Locked out: the Trailblazers' report into accessible housing

This investigation into accessible housing and the services of the UK’s housing providers was instigated following concerns raised by members of the Trailblazers network and their families when searching for accessible accommodation to rent or buy. Members reported having to wait years to find wheelchair-accessible homes, despite local authorities providing funds for adaptations to the homes of thousands of disabled people every year.

PATH (Scotland): research and publications

Resources on the subject of black and minority ethnic communities in housing and related areas.

Housing support for homeless households: analysis of consultation findings

Report that presents the findings of a consultation carried out by the Scottish Government on 'Housing Support for Homeless Households' between January and April 2012.

The future cost of housing benefit for older people

Report that considers how trends in longevity and tenure will affect the future cost of housing benefit for older people in the very long term.

Together at home: a new strategy for housing

IPPR's strategy for tackling the complex problems facing housing in England.

Beacons of hope: the historic role of housing associations tackling poverty, disadvantage and inequality

Report that provides a historic backdrop to the work of housing associations over the last eight decades or so in relation to their record of tackling poverty, disadvantage and inequality. The report also explores how housing associations have evolved as social investors.

Finally, it asks whether housing associations have contributed to embedding poverty, disadvantage and inequality in the communities where they work or are transformative localised agencies helping their tenants to enhance their life chances.

Market assessment of housing options for older people

A study report for Shelter and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, it addresses three broad groups of questions:

Financing of new housing supply (Eleventh report of session 2010-12)

Report that considers the steps that can, and should be, taken to make more finance available for the building of new homes.

Housing providers’ approaches to tackling worklessness: assessing value and impact

Report that captures the range of activities that housing providers are involved in to help residents into work. The report highlights particular approaches and projects that seem to be working and suggests ways in which housing providers could enhance their impact.

The report reflects on housing providers’ current approaches to tackling worklessness in order to provide recommendations to the government, welfare to work contractors, and the housing sector itself.

Europe 2020: UK National Reform Programme 2012

The UK 2012 National Reform Programme (NRP) articulates the actions that the government is taking to address the major structural reform challenges facing the UK identified by the European Council in June 2011. The NRP is presented under the Europe 2020 Strategy and is an essential element of the European Semester.