alcohol misuse

Teenage drinking and interethnic friendships

Report that explores the links between young people’s interethnic friendships and their drinking patterns and behaviours.

Drinking repertoires and habits amongst 15-17s: an integrated complementary qualitative and quantitative understanding

Study of the the incidence and frequency of drinking in the 15 to 17 age group, and the motivations and occasions for drinking, including the role availability of alcohol through different channels plays.

The Family Drug and Alcohol Court (FDAC) Evaluation project: final report

Report that presents the findings from the evaluation of the first pilot Family Drug and Alcohol Court (FDAC) in Britain.

FDAC is a new approach to care proceedings, in cases where parental substance misuse is a key element in the local authority decision to bring proceedings. It is being piloted at the Inner London Family Proceedings Court in Wells Street.

Social work services and recovery from substance misuse: a review of the evidence (Practitioners' briefing)

Summary of the findings from a review of the research evidence, which looked at social work‟s contribution to helping people with problem drug and/or alcohol use.

Social work services and recovery from substance misuse: a review of the evidence

Literature review that considers the current evidence in relation to social work’s contribution to recovery focused approaches. It reviews what is known about social work roles and training, as well as the evidence of the effectiveness of social work interventions with people with problem drug and/or alcohol use.

You, your child and alcohol

Booklet which offers parents facts and information on how to start talking with their child/children and help them to understand the effects of drinking alcohol.

'We allow alcohol to kill and harm so many people'

Former government adviser, David Nutt, speaks about the dangers of alcohol, the harm caused by criminalisation and why he is not a 'legaliser'.

Substance misuse among young people: the data for 2009-10

The number of teenagers receiving help for drug and alcohol problems has levelled after rising steadily for the past few years. The number of under-18s in specialist substance misuse services in England during 2009-10 was 23,528.

This is a reduction of 525 compared to 2008-09, and indicates that demand is stabilising following the sharp rise in the number of young people coming into substance misuse services between 2005 and 2008.

Teenage drinking cultures

This report investigates the onset and development of drinking behaviours within teenage friendship groups.

Using social network data from the Belfast Youth Development Study, the study identified and sampled eight relatively stable friendship groups covering a mix of social class, gender and type of education. Report published by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation in February 2011. Summary of report also available.

Influence of family and friends on young people’s drinking

This Round-up examines family and friendship influences on young people’s drinking habits, in order to shed light on how the negative aspects of young people’s drinking culture in the UK might be changed.

The summary was published by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation in January 2011.